It’s a consensus over here in the Bay Area, both me and The Mayor have agreed that today is the MOST BORING THURSDAY EVERRR. As in EVER.  So in an attempt to remain sane we decided to have a deep conversation about what WTF means to us and I will gladly give full credit to Rach for the following (LOL):

What The Forks

Weird Twilight Fanatics

We Too Fly

When To Fuck

When To Fart

So now, what does WTF mean to you? And more importantly please save our sanity and let us know WTF YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW? Hopefully something more exciting than us.

Rach , her WTF cameo, and her ribs shittin on my sandwhich with cheese that tastes like feet.


Me attempting to commit suicide then changing my mind because I love WTF too much LOL.


Misslawn Cullen here reporting from LA with WTF?! I’m doin’ on this boring ass thursday… welp, I’m actually working BUT not a day goes by without me gazing into this picture which sits directly above my computer… it helps me get thru the day!!!


JCullenBlack @ work… Friday… (I know, I’m late! Sorry I’m on east coast time!) Sharing with you a v-day card from friends that know I’m a fanatic. Can’t wait to see WTF?! you all are up to so leave us a comment or something! lol

5 responses to “WTF?!

  1. um. we are officially the best bored bitches ever. forreal. FORREAL. lol.

    just wait till later when i have VIDEO. just you wait america!


    I AM about to get WHAT THE FIRED for slacking on my work!!!!

  3. …i’m talking to these “Weird Twilight Fanatics!” at my work!

    WTF (We Thank Forks) for keeping us sane (actually yall) sane at work!

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