My Two Loves…

… Vogue magazine & Twilight have come together for an interview with none other than our fave author, Stephanie Meyer. How awesome is that?!!

Fashion meets fiction and in this interview, Meyers, a super hero in her own right, sits down to chat about her family, growing up as a “book worm”, the dream that made her millions and her life post-Twilight.


“The sexual tension that she’s managed to sustain is just incredible,” says Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the movie. “You’ve found your soul mate, and that the person who you are in love with and who is in love with you could kill you—even better!”

“I think that the reason the books were that way, unintentionally,” Meyer says, “is because I miss those days of ten and thirteen when a boy looked at you, and oh, my gosh, you could talk about it for two weeks because he looked at you funny. ‘What does that mean? What is that about?’ Everything was analyzed.”

That was just a snippet from the interview… to read the full story, cop an issue at a magazine stand or store nearest you OR even better… click here and read now.


One response to “My Two Loves…

  1. dude that broad is a GENUIS!

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