My Twilight DVD tour…

I wanted to inform all of you that I will be starting my Twilight movie DVD/onDemand tour beginning March 21st. I will be hitting up 3 of 5 boroughs if I must in order to share with all my friends this obsession in order to help them understand why it is I’m so devoted LOL!

So NYC, watch out now, I’m comin atcha with popcorn, my blankey, my digicam, and my giggles!

Hopeful destinations:

  1. Kerin Rose (Chelsea, NYC)
  2. Chico (LES, NYC)
  3. Suzette (Brooklyn, NY)
  4. Ray (Queens, NY)



4 responses to “My Twilight DVD tour…

  1. misslawncullen

    once i get mine, i’ll be carrying it wherever i go. cuz you never know when the perfect opportunity will be to bust it out and watch it all over again… you won’t be hearing the excuse from me, “aww shit, i left it at home”. naw i’ll be that crazy chick that’s like, “oh you haven’t seen it yet? well here it is!!!”

  2. Kristina Cullen

    Great idea! Must do the same in So. Cal :p

  3. Spank has roots in the 11214. I didn’t realize you guys were from NY. 😉

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