bored game.


i mean, board game.   Ladies and gents for under $20, u can own the twilight board game.  kind of old news but ive been reading the reviews on this and its kind of just alright.  (even tho i secretly think its better than that stupid edward action figure that can “ming read”) 

so while i was chatting with Lawn last bout this board game (thanks Jess for the pic link)  night i came up with a wonderful idea.   i want to make a WTForks game. 

*pause for violins*

yes, i said a WTForks game. im thinking we could all dress up as our favorite characters (and when i mean we, i really mean YOU GUYS.  THE READERS) and stick ourselves on our own version of this game.

please!  send me pics of u guys dressed as our fave characters and i promise ill use em in our version.  because  i swear our version is gonna be WAAAY BETTERRRRR.. 

another project thats also in the works is an audio book.  we were complaining how the current audio book that’s out is kind of boring.   we kind of hate her voice and she is totally unenthusiastic about the shit she’s reading.  so, i’m gonna work on our own version of the audio book.   with..  OUR VOICES.. of course.   ima get thru the first few pages and see what y’all think k?  lol.



2 responses to “bored game.

  1. misslawncullen

    i can’t wait to take my pic as alice (since i just recently cut my hair i can totally pull off the alice-cut) and i’m even more excited to hear the audio book. how we gonna do it? oh oh i know… you do twilight, doowaditty do new moon, i do eclipse and jcullenblack do breaking dawn (cuz i know she wants to re-enact the honeymoon scene BUT make it better)… perfecto!!! and we can have our men audition for the voice over as edward in midnight sun!!!

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