To Date a Vampire.

When it comes to first dates some women change 5 times before ending up with the first outfit they tried on to begin with (Lord knows I do). So just imagine if that first date was with Edward Cullen??? Edward Cullen, the immortal who makes a grey peacoat look sexy!!! Since I can’t go naked (Per Rach u killjoy) I am totally stumped.

Fun and flirty? J-Crew vampire chic? Plain Jane like Bella? GAH!

Ladies (And gents) what would you wear if you were on you’re very first date with your favorite Twilight character of choice? I still have to think of mine, but WTF ladies I know yall are fashionistas so I expect a response from you! Feel free to describe you’re dream date as well ‘cuz I know that’s what the outfit depends on haha. And good luck, ‘cuz THIS is the face that will be staring you down the entire date.

5 responses to “To Date a Vampire.

  1. omgomgomg – ok ok, what would i wear? i would wear, well we know edward is a classy kind of guy so i’d do it up in tasteful garb. i wouldn’t go all street or couture, but more everyday wear… perhaps even decked out in marc jacobs stuff – i know he’d appreciate that. BUT i wouldn’t go overboard bc he’s not allll about that like alice and rosalie are. so i’d keep it simple chic =) perhaps black with a pop of blue hehehhee


  3. lmao yah nice ripaway undies in case he stares at u and they magically come off!

  4. misslawncullen

    i would dress how i always do… i wouldn’t wanna over do it, cuz like jcullenblack said, he’s not really into all that like his sisters BUT i would try my very hardest to not think a single thing, that way he’d think that i too was hard to read and be intrigued by me even more than of course he already would be then we’d fall in love and live happily ever after. the end.

  5. i think. i would just. ask him to WEAR HIS CLOTHES.

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