Oldie but goodie…

Man, Tyra is one lucky bitch!!! Not only does she have not 1 but 2 shows… she also got to meet with R. Patz & Tay-Tay and on top of that, Rob fricken’ bit her!!! You know that’s all you dream about having that happen to you!!! 

Anyways, I know it’s an oldie but like I said, it’s still a goodie. So check it out in case you haven’t already seen OR if you’re like me, check it out for the millionth time but on WTForks?!

Did you notice what R.Patz did with the “Team Robert” g-string? Hilarious!!! and BTW, where can I get one of those?


2 responses to “Oldie but goodie…


  2. TELL ME WHY i just watched the part where he bites her neck, i ask my co worker to watch with me… and i nearly lose my SHIT! i literally turned flush red with giggles – ooommmgggggggggggggggggggggg

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