Computer Love.

OMG I saw these YouTube videos of the Twilight story according to The Sims and got a little too excited. I immediately wanted to buy a pocket protector because my inner computer nerd re-emerged. When The Sims first came out I would miss meals just to create the perfect house and lose sleep making sure all my characters had the best jobs and nicest cars lol. There were a gang of videos but this is one of my favorites, so creative and full of detail. And the characters are on point – with the exception of Edward because I don’t think they make computer characters that beautiful.  I love how Alice is standing in front of that yellow porsche!


3 responses to “Computer Love.

  1. too cute!

  2. misslawncullen

    i felt really awkward watching Bella and Edward’s scenes, lol.

  3. Oookayy… that was awkward but cool… but it just freaked me out. No-no to computer-animated Twilight characters… lol. No offense and I really liked the song by Boys Like Girls lol.

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