stupid question of the day

thanks Queenie for bringing up today’s stupid question of the day. 

What happens when Bella gets her period?   does Edward stay away from her or does he want her nasty ass period blood too?  cuz i know they were together for a while when she was still human and she HAD to have gotten her period for at least 3 days a month…. is she extra appetizing then?   and if Edward can “finish” as a vampire, does Bella still get her period as a vampire too?    

again, with the whole bodily fuilds thing that still boggles my mind, but i thought it’s a valid question right?   

lemme know ur thoughts!


5 responses to “stupid question of the day

  1. OOOMMMMGGG… I’M SOOO LOL right now! puwahhahahhahahhaha!

  2. I wondered that too… Alice had the foresight to pack Tampons for her trip to Isle Esme so maybe that was enough to “plug” the scent. Maybe The League can discuss… nah, too gross.

  3. I was just reading the question above and I too have been contemplating about it too! LoL I totally wanted to blog about this too but I thought it might be too gross or no one would feel me on it! I also wondered, since vampires have super senses does that mean that if Bella was to pass gas, would Edward know?!? I mean I think I would be embarrassed!! LoL Or what happens when she asks for a “human minute” to take a shit? Does that mean Edward can totally smell it in the other room?!? LMAO Sorry I just had to put that out there!!

  4. i read this somewhere on stephenie’s site, or maybe the twilight lexicon? so she said something like it would bother him a little bit, but he would never let bella know cuz he’s such a gentleman, and because it’s “old blood” or whatever it’s not really that appealing. he would TOTALLY be able to smell her shit! god that would suck, bella probably became super poo conscious and had to time that shit perfectly for when he wasn’t around.

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