Good things must come to an end…

… or NOT!!!

I love-love-love our blog and it got me thinking…

How long will our love obsession for Twilight last? Is it just a phase or are we all really-truly-madly-deeply obsessed with the series? If that’s the case, I’m gonna have to reschedule (well, as if I hadn’t already) my life accordingly to fit my addiction… it’s seriously a problem.

I wake up a bit earlier and/or go to bed a bit later to get my Twilight fix everyday, I re-read my favorite passages all the time, I dream that I’m living in Forks in a little cottage with Edward, blah blah blah… that’s all normal, right?! But today, I bugged the fuck out when I found out that one of my 5 Twilight ticket stubs fell out of my book that my girl was borrowing. I made her look for it… I made my other friend completely strip his car apart looking for it cuz that’s where she was reading it AND nothing-zip-zero!!! Arrrgghhh…

I was shocked by how upset I was over a ticket stub… I mean I never got that upset over any of my Titanic ticket stubs AND I loooooved Titanic!!! But obviously that obsession sorta kinda went away (although, I still have to sit and watch all 194 minutes of it everytime it happens to come on), but the main question is…

Will you ever be able to kick your Twilight addiction? Do you even want to?Β Hmmmm…. I don’t!!!


*** Random pic that I found of Edward and Bella… so hot!!!


5 responses to “Good things must come to an end…

  1. I don’t want to give up my addiction either! I’m always re-reading all four especially Breaking Dawn, I have the Twilight paperback I carry around with me everywhere-and I’ll buy the others once those come out-although I let my friend borrow it so now I’m going through withdrawals not having it with me! I put Midnight Sun on my phone since my friend has my paperback-please Stephanie finish this book! At the moment Twilight is showing at the $2 movie theater in my town so I’m always there on Saturday or Sunday and if I can’t make it to the theater I watch it online. And I save my ticket stubs too! πŸ™‚
    So no…I don’t think I’ll be kicking this habit anytime soon!

    • Kristina Cullen

      How can I snag myself a copy for my phone? πŸ˜‰

      • If you have email on your phone and an app. that will let you view docs it’s easy. I’m sure you have it downloaded on your computer/laptop πŸ™‚ so email it to your phone as an attachment then open it with the app. I have a Palm Centro and use DataViz PDF to Go. Any of the Palms should be able to open it and I’m sure an iPhone or Blackberry can too. πŸ˜‰

  2. misslawncullen

    omg, i was gonna go watch twilight again at the $2 theatre by my girls place but they just stopped showing it 😦 that means i gotta stick to watching the bootlegs online and wait for the dvd… but i’ll never be able to see it on the big screen again… soooo sad 😦 tear.

    • SOOOO SAD!!!! i dont think i’ll ever give up my addiction… as much as i have tried in the past (in order to remain SANE) it just doesn’t let me go!!!! i think its therapeutic to have this blog, or else, we’d all go insane and cheat on our men… LMAO

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