Food for thought: Why Edward?

Ok… so I’m watching Twilight for the 5th time in 2 days online right? And then I’m at the part where Edward begins to tell Bella in the meadow that “everything about me invites you in; my voice, my face, even my smell.” So it got me thinking… is this REALLY the only thing that Bella fell for? The fact that he was a vampire???

What do you guys think? We all know why Edward fell for Bella, but why is it that Bella fell for Edward? Other than his stunning good looks (which she happened to notice first in the lunch room) and him being a vamp, do you think there was anything else less physical about the attraction?!

What do you think?

Also, just a little side note (as always)… the part when Edward takes Bella to school and all the kids stare… LOVE seeing Edward’s face during that part – he has this look that he’s the champ. AND I like the part when he fixes Bella’s dented car and invites her over to meet his family… he’s so giddy there! AWWWW! Speaking of giddy – who else gets all teenage-squeal-hand-over-mouth-giggly when you see Edward’s smirk???? WTForks, I KNOW its not just me!

Ok, the end.

**Holy shit, I didn’t know our beloved Stephanie made a cameo in the movie! Sorry if this is old news, my bad lol

8 responses to “Food for thought: Why Edward?

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  2. ok. here’s my thought. and i hope i can get all the way through this without adonis waking up because he only gives me about 10 seconds of peace on the weekends before im back to mommy duty…

    1. i think edward only liked bella cuz she was a mystery to him. she was the only person he couldnt read, and he hated that. hence, she was a challenge. thus further corroborating the fact that boys love the chase. (remember she was hella ordinary until he found out he couldnt read her mind then all of a sudden he loves her).

    2. i’m about to get all psychological on ur ass. are u ready? remember how bella’s mom is like a kid.and their relationship is kind of backwards cuz bella acts a lot like the mother and her mother is kind of irresponsible care free type right? so it makes sense that bella would take this “motherly, protector, i-can-handle-anything mentality into all aspects of her personal life. to bella, because edward is outcasted and trouble, he is kind of perfect for her because she can do that whole “i-love-him-anyways-even though-he’s-a-monster-thing that only mothers feel about their murderer sons on death row.

    hence proving that GIRLS LOVE THE CHASE TOO. and we also like proving that we CAN be that ride or die chick that the bad boy changes for. ya digg???

    did i just make sense? anyways.. back to diaper duty!

  3. misslawncullen

    That totally makes sense… You couldn’t have explained it any better.

  4. I think the Mayor is right in that ‘girls love the chase too’ because all the other guys in school are chasing after Bella-stealing kisses,asking her to Prom but Edward literally wants to kill her and doesn’t even want to be in the same class sitting next to her. So what does she do about that? She wants to confront him about it!
    The scene where Edward takes Bella to school is one of my faves too, but IMO it’s too sunny and I keep expecting him to sparkle! lol

    • exactly! and speaking as a female, WE HATE BEING IGNORED! aint it true though that its hella intriguing when a dude dont give u the time of day??? cuz u end up asking urself, “whats wrong with him? or more importantly, whats wrong with me that he dont notice me?” RIGHT? lol. i officially think we should have our own talk show and this should be topic #1.

      • Totally! Case in point: Edward tells her he can read everyone elses mind aside from hers and what is her response? “Is there something wrong with me?”

  5. Kristina Cullen

    I was gonna post, but you all got it spot on.

    And btw, that is my FAVORITE scene of the movie- when they go to school together! WEEEEE

  6. I hella agree with Rach. LOL

    Oh yeah, and Stephanie Meyers was one of the people eating in that diner that Bella and her dad would go to all the time.

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