when posting comments on WTF?!

hi all! JCullenBlack here…

just so that you all are aware… your comments are MUCH appreciated and we do not delete any comments unless they are spam!

if you do not see your comment posted right away, its because its under moderation until one of us goes in and approves them! sorry for the delays but THANK YOU ALL FOR THE FEEDBACK!!!

2 responses to “when posting comments on WTF?!

  1. Hey guy! i don’t know why but i just thought i should share.

    So i’m sitting here at my computer and i realized… *my thoughts* When was the last time i watched the twilight trailer?…. So i decided to watch it… After watching it i felt like it was my very first time seeing the trailer again. And was excited to watch the movie again. And then i watched a clip of when Edward saved Bella at the studio. and he told her he was sorry. it was like remembering why i love that couple so much.

    hahah i don’t know. just a random rant. Thought i would share with people who will understand. ahaha

  2. How crazy, I just watched the trailer too for some odd reason. :p

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