When in Tokyo…

… one must Karaoke of course!!! And that’s exactly what our boo, R.Patz did and it wasn’t with Miss Kristen or Tay-Tay Lautner, it was with…

dah-dah-dah-dah dahhhhhmmmmm….

Hugh Jackman… WTForks?!


According to E!Online:

Jackman’s rep confirms my exclusive Tokyo scoop. “Hugh was there celebrating completion of his promo tour for Australia with director Baz Luhrmann and friends and the fact that the film is just going over $200 million box-office worldwide!” the rep tells me. “About 1a.m., the cast of Twilight came in and they all joined in.”

Man, I wish I was there… I mean, how fuckin’ dope would that be if you were in Japan, walked into some random bar and saw none other than your (well my) 2 favorite fictional characters… Edward Cullen & Wolverine singing Karaoke together?!!! I die!!!

I hope there’s video footage of this…


3 responses to “When in Tokyo…

  1. nnnnooooo way!!!!!

  2. NIIICE!!!

  3. I know. Where are the crazy Japanese fans with video on their cells. Didn’t someone think to film it. Oh well, we can dream.

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