More FFF’s with Taylor Lautner & Misslawn Cullen

Although all of us here at WTForks?! are Team Edward all the way, we can’t possible do Five Fun Facts on our fave characters of Twilight without including Jacob aka Taylor Lautner.

So here I go…

  1. He totally goes out with my cousins’ daughters’ teachers’ daughter… haha!!! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s TRUE!!! (Christine if you’re reading this you gotta vouch for that fact)
  2. He has a really bad habit of shaking his leg up and down and up and down and can’t stop until someone tells him… I dunno why I just had a naughty thought imagining that, hmmm…
  3. At 6 years old, he started doing martial arts and in 2003, at only eleven years old, he was ranked number one in the world for NASKA’s Black Belt Open Forms, Musical Weapons, Traditional Weapons and Traditional Forms and, by the age of twelve, he won Junior World Championships. (Hopefully we get to see his skills and kick some ass in New Moon & Eclipse)
  4. Did you know that you can wash 2 loads of laundry on his newly formed abs?! True story, right doowaditty?!!!
  5. Taylor’s favorite music video of the year 2008 was “Forever” by Chris Brown

Now back to moi…

  1. I don’t eat vegetables BUT I’m trying… I recently started eating tomatoes (but it depends on the size of it… I prefer cherry tomatoes), shitaki mushrooms (but only if it’s flavored with mad garlic and butter), spinach oh and I tried eggplant 🙂 
  2. I’m 5’1″ tall BUT I tell people that I’m 5’2″ or wait… am I 5′ tall but say I’m 5’1″, hmmmm I dunno anymore, ha! Well basically, I’m a tiny ass bitch!!!
  3. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actaully been to a gym and worked out. It’s starting to be a problem cuz like the new mayor, I’m a fat person trapped in a skinny person’s body BUT I’m starting to see the pounds come on, specifically in my belly… soooo gross, I look 4 months preggers sometimes. Not cute!
  4. I’m a true libra… 
    • Loves art
    • Neat
    • Dresses up for the occassion
    • Slight perfectionist
    • Narcisstic
    • Charitable
    • Bossy at times
    • Plans ahead
    • Attention to detail
  5. Before my Twilight obsession, I once was obsessed with Titanic (wow, I can’t believe I’m telling you guys this) and I think I hold the record for the person who’s watched Titanic the most in the world. I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched it. But anyways, I was in love love love with Leonardo DiCaprio (sorry R.Patz) sooooooo, you wouldn’t believe how crazy I went (but didn’t show it of course) when I saw Leo aka Jack Dawson when Bam and I were eating lunch yesterday. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, which irritated my hubby of course. Bust since I was too chicken shit to take a flick with him, I went all paparazzi style on him and took advantage of Bam’s iPhone instead… haha!!!photo1

8 responses to “More FFF’s with Taylor Lautner & Misslawn Cullen

  1. PUWAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! was leo with his woman???

  2. i dont think i can handle looking at his abs. FORREAL. after all our talk this morning. i just can’t. i just can’t.



    And OMG ur like me, I would’ve never guessed you’re pint size, esp. ‘cuz EVERYONE’S taller than me!

  4. Yeah, he was there with his girl, Bar Raphael… She’s gorgeous!!! And the other chick he was there with was pretty hawt too.

  5. LOL this was funny.

    a bunch of people were obsessed with titanic, b4 i even got to watch it, I had a friend narrate the whole movie to me, crazy lol.

    aww he was such a cute kid, now look at those abs

  6. I’m 5’0″-5’2″ too! And *Whistles* Nice abs on Taylor.

  7. Kristina Cullen

    Dude, I was freakin’ obsessed with Hayden Christensen during the Star Wars Episode III hoopla, saw him @ a restaurant AND did the exact same thing- too scared to take a photo. Darn.

  8. firstladycullen

    I’ll vouch for you cuz, he’s dating Sarah who’s my daughter’s teacher’s daughter, well, she was her teacher in Kindergarten, now she’s in 1st, whateva’s you get the picture! Taylor is HOOOOTTTTTT!!!!! But I still Love Edward Forever!

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