FFF about Peter Facinelli – Dr. Cullen

OOOOoooh Carlisle… thank you for being FATHER OF THE CENTURY!


Here are my 5 fun facts!

  1. Peter was born and raised in Queens, NY – holler at a Queens Italian boy!
  2. He wasn’t too keen on being so blonde in the movie. He said he got a lot of crap while filming in Portland (peep the interview: Peter on being pale, on being Italian, on being blonde, on being a father…)
  3. This lucky guy is married to one hot lady: Jenny Garth and they have 3 kids!
  4. 750

  5. Do you remember him from Fox’s FASTLANE???
  6. He’s really excited to be a part of New Moon – click here to see his interview (also mentions a celebratory drink w/ RPat and talking about brining his 60 family members to see the movie in Long Island as “Team Carlisle” LOL AW!)

*IDK bout you guys, but I think he was TOTALLY HOT in the baseball scene =)

Click the rest of the images to enlarge:

I don’t want to bore you with any more facts about me, just CLICK HERE if you’re really interested though…


One response to “FFF about Peter Facinelli – Dr. Cullen

  1. He’s a D.I.L.F!

    he’s my hot dad fantasy…….

    Now… Was THAT too far?

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