more fun facts.

more fun facts about your favorite people!

Jessica aka Anna Kendrick.


  1. at the age of 12, she was the 2nd youngest person to be nominated for a Tony award in the Broadway musical High Society.   Score!  she’d be perfect then in my life musical!  hahaha
  2. She likes pancake covered bananas! ” There is a chain of [Japanese convenience stores] in California called Famima!!, and they make this really bizarre thing that I tried. It’s a banana dipped in chocolate that’s wrapped in a pancake that’s covered in banana-flavored whipped cream! It sounds really gross, but it is amazing.”   this sounds super fattening but why do i wanna go home and try it?   SERIOUSLY.
  3. she said it was easy to make googly eyes at RPat.  well, DUH! LOOK!
  4. that line that Kristen Stewart has about “eating disorders” during the cafeteria scene…  well Anna improved with the hunk of food in her mouth.  along with great camera editing it equaled a hilarious part of the movie.   one of my favorites, actually
  5. she likes to take it like a dude!   hahah according to an mtv interview..  “Oh, well, apparently I think I’m an 11-year-old boy. I tried one of those — wow, this is so embarrassing — a friend of mine got a rip stick, and we were trying it out, and I just ate it really hard a couple of times. But I took it like a dude and just got back on. It’s one of those skateboards that, like, twists”

*She takes it like a dude here…. OH I WISH THAT WERE ME!!!! (however, do note that I’d like to push the other guy’s face out of the way, tilt my head toward my right just a bit and then insert Rob’s tongue in my mouth. MUCH BETTER) – JCB

and more about me.

  1. i eat like an obese man.  seriously, i have a fat girl inside of me who’s screaming to get out and i usually just shut that bitch up with some chocolate.
  2. i met my husband when i was 12 at church. ..  i married him at 24.
  3. i could live on hawaii.  totally.  beach, sun, surf and ono grindz all day?   thats the life!  now i just need to win the lotto so i can be on a lifetime vacation.
  4. i only gained 15 lbs during pregnancy, and afterwards lost 35.   breast feeding does WONDERS.
  5. if u really wanna know more about me..  check my other blog.

6 responses to “more fun facts.

  1. JESS.. THESE ARE THE BEST PICTURES EVVEEERRRRRR!!! omg. what a lucky bitch she got to have his tongue on her skin! aaahh

  2. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  3. ohhh JESS…. I’m really jealous with you… How lucky girl you are!!! I wanna feel his tongue too….!!!!

  4. OMG!!! I wish I had robert’s tongue on my face!!! Lucky Anna

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