Old news, but do you folks remember Kristen Stewart in Panic Room? She was Jodie Foster’s annoying daughter in the movie. She practically ruined everything with her stupid asthma attack lol! I watched the film a while ago when it first went on dvd and just remember thinking she was sooo annoying. Her role in that film makes her stutterin hospital scene way more tolerable.


4 responses to “BTW.

  1. yeah, you are right she irritated the hell out of me too. When i first watched Twilight didn`t know where to put her she seemed familier.

    She acts like she is constantly choking or trying to swallow something back.

  2. She was having a seizure NOT an asthma attack. FYO.

  3. She was diabetic and having a seizure. I think she was really good in Panic Room. Not sure what you wanted? They were being held hostage. She did very well.

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