Thanks to SpankRansom (who, by the way is part of a great Twilight Series dedicated blog called Twilight-Headed) I was able to watch this trainwreck happen. (This in response to a twitter dialogue and had to google the negs of KS). I wasn’t sure whether to feel bad for her or to hate how absolutely uninterested (and uninteresting) she is in this interview! She actually admits she’s boring as well… wow…

I kinda actually do feel bad for her though… she really does seem like she wants to lead a normal life… c’mon, she’s at that awkward stage in life, we all went through it (you know you had your goth/ihateeverything/one phase) so I’ll give her THAT much LOL.


2 responses to “ZzzZZzzZz…

  1. … any sympathy I had for her left the building with her consistently biting the hand that feed her pot habit: Twilight… the movie, it’s fans, the post-film promotion for it, discussing it or even remotely displaying ANY appreciation for it. She has been in the business long enough and worked with some pretty big names. Even “bad boy” Sean Penn is capable of doing that and Jodie Foster grew up in the business (as did KS) and is effortlessly gracious about her role in the circus that is Hollywood.

    KS is an insufferable twit.

    Can you tell I have a strong opinion about this? Just wait ’til tomorrow’s post on Twilightheaded. LOL

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