WTFWUD: if you met Rob?

So the other day as I was gossiping with new twi-fan Simone… she mentioned that she actually kinda ran into RPattz in LA but didn’t pay much attention since this was just a few days before she got sucked into the Twihard club!

I then asked her… well, what would you have done if you saw him now?? From there we went into a frenzy of various scenarios…

soooo….. I’d like to introduce the first What The Forks Would U Do?! (WTFWUD?!) if you met Rob…

I know what I’d do… I’d TOTALLY play it mad cool like I KNEW who he was, but just didn’t care. I’d chop it up and spit some game asking him about his hair, where he was from, you know… small talk. Of course I’d have to mention that I watched the movie (only ONCE) and read the book (singular, play it like i only read a cliff notes or something to that matter hahahha). I’d exchange numbers, and let him go his way by telling him I have to run to some errands… I’d txt him a few hours later… perhaps around 10pm (a decent hour) and let him know it was nice chatting with him and would hope to chat again soon. In which case I’d frantically lose sleep bc I’d be checking my phone every 5 seconds and cry and weep for 5 days until I would finally receive his reply of “same here. i’m flying to nyc next week – free?”

Then we’d live happily ever after. DUH!

OK folks – WTFWUD?!


12 responses to “WTFWUD: if you met Rob?

  1. This may sound strange but if it were in a non-scheduled event I’d die from afar and leave him alone.

    Oh who am I kidding… I’d tie him up and take him home.

  2. I WAS ABOUT TO SAY! YEA RIGHT!!! (i’d help you tie him up)

  3. Dammit Tyra Banks ruined it & already asked him to bite her. Hahah

  4. omg. hahaha jess you got GAAAMMMEEE. lol.

    ok here’s WTF i’d do.

    1. accidentally spill my drink on him so he could take his shirt off.
    2. throw mashed potatoes on his pants so he can be in his tantarans.
    3. throw YOU at him, cuz THIS BITCH IS MARRIED. wah.

    • OOOMMMGG – HAHAHHAHA YOU JUST MADE ME LOASM (laugh out and shit myself)

      you can throw me his way ANY DAY, what with him being all nakes and all!!! WHEEEE!!!

  5. I would you know… chop it up with him… earn his trust… and when he least expects it….. BAM! Go Borat on his ass put him in a giant pillow case and make a run for it! And then he can live in my room with me…. muhahahahah….

    hmmmm… too far?

  6. Wow, I love this post. I run thru this situation in my mind all the time…haha! Well, I’d definitely have to play it cool and when he wasn’t looking turn my wedding ring around… Haha!!

  7. I would play it cool. lol ONLY because i heard him say in some interview thats what he preferred his fans to do. i would yuk it up ask for an autograph – nonchalantly of course – and then handcuff myself to him as he signs and make a run for it.

    LOL jkin about that last part… …kinda.

  8. I’d probably let out a laugh/giggle and a quick look because my husband would probably spot him first and say “isn’t that your boy from Twilight? Why isn’t he sparkling?” lol Yes my hubby did go see Twilight with me. Gotta love him!

  9. Keep ’em coming guys! These are all great. 😉 Muahahahahaha

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