mean girls

i admit, i aint the nicest girl on the block.  i talk a lot of shit.  but even i think this is a lil too much.

on sunday, our boy RPat showed up to the academy awards sans ms. stewart and almost as fast as i can down a shot of patron, rumors started flying.   it didnt help that her producer dad said Kristen will present at the Oscars “when its a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money”

hold up.

did u read that right?  HER DAD SAID IT.  not her.   and, in all honesty, i didnt think the movie did the book any justice (although that doesnt mean i dont love it anyways). ..   dont dont hold it against the girl.

as u saw in the “Cover Girl” post, she did an interview with Nylon mag and said some things that could be misconstrued..  but aint a girl entitled to her opinion?   if i had 4000 people screaming at me, i think i’d call it a psychotic situation too.  

listen to the response that she’s been getting from some fans

“Wow!” wrote “popsicle14” in an comments section. “She’s the biggest snob in Hollywood.”
“While I can imagine how overwhelming the situation may be, this girl needs to get over herself!” wrote “kris10.” “If it is true she is waiting to be in a ‘good’ movie before she attends the Oscars, she is going to be waiting a looooong time.”

HATERADE.   but she never said she didnt like it?  if she didnt like the script, she wouldnt have agreed to doing it right?!     and in my opinion, this is just her demeanor..havent u seen her other interviews?  thats just how she is!  i curse like a sailor… so the fuck what?  dont mean i hate the world.  

WTForks is their problem?

4 responses to “mean girls

  1. Interesting perspective and well said. I do disagree only b/c I feel that if you are rude, offhand and dismissive you will be considered in the manner which she is. If she didn’t have a costar who was under more intense scrutiny and focused attention as were Robert Pattinson maybe there would not be a point of reference to see how you can be approachable, kind and considerate of fans, cast, crew and media. She just isn’t very nice and if you give off bad attitude that’s what you get back.

    … and I’m no princess either. Trust that. But I also ain’t getting paid millions of dollars to smile and be “contrived.” If you sign up for it, show up for it. If I behaved at my job the way she does at hers, I’d be fired.

    And, I kid, but I really did like her as Bella so it is incredibly disappointing that she is being such an insufferable twit since the movie has been released.

    Oh, and I don’t think the movie was a shining achievement in film — though I still can’t stop watching it. ** hangs head in shame. **

    Still got lots o’ love for WTF, though. xoxo

  2. well said mayor! and well received spank! seriously i am sooooo pulled in both directions with this one! gah!

    however, this DOES make me wonder how all of this negative attn will go down amongst the rest of the cast as shooting goes on…. HMMMMM….

  3. lol i totally agree with spank. when i posted that previous covergirl post, it’s exactly what i was referring to when i said i want to hate her. her entire attitude towards the situation just amused me and was something different. however, i do believe it comes with the territory whether u asked for it or not.

    yah it’s cool to “keep it real,” but REALLY? these “bullshit” questions coming from her fleeting twihard fans ARE WHAT’S PAYING HER CHECKS, FEEDING HER MEALS, AND MAKING THE RECESSION NON-EXISTENT FOR HER.

    the day she goes to a special appearance and nobody asks her a question and the day she walks down the street and nobody comes up to her screaming will be the day she’ll regret it all.

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