i HELLA love SF.

forreal. i do. and not just because its my hometown…. but one of the reasons why is because we hold amazing conferences and conventions.. i.e. the Twilight convention which was held this last weekend in SF.

although i couldnt tear myself away from slaving away at the stove cooking for my husband’s birthday, i did have some friends who went in my honor. 

see the pics after the jump!

Thanks Jaymie and Amber for the pictures!
Saturday was fun filled with an appearance and a Q&A with Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen).  kellanlutz_lg



here’s jaymie getting the autograph.  LOVE that he had to ask her if she was ok cuz she was WTFreaking out. 


and here’s Amber lookin like Kellan’s her long lost ex boyfriend.  how can i be down?


btw, i’m lovin the WTFact that he writes  i ♥ u on the autographed pic of himself.  hella tender.



and thanks to Jaymie’s stalker tendencies.  we have video!  even though there was a WTFat ass sign that said, “no video recording”

4 responses to “i HELLA love SF.

  1. PUWAHAHHA HTANK YOU JAYME! “WTFat ass sign that said, “no video recording”

  2. i don’t call it Stalker Tendencies…. it’s more like spying persistently. haha.

  3. So, any of you ladies going to the one in Los Angeles??

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