FFF’s About Ashley Greene & DooWaDitty!

Right after Edward “Baby-Daddy” Cullen, Alice Cullen is my favorite character in the Twilight series, so it only makes sense for me to do my FFF’s on the gorgeous Ashley Greene.

#1 – Ashley turned 22 on February 21st and celebrated her birthday in style at (My favorite) Las Vegas’s Prive nightclub.

I celebrated MY last birthday in Puerto Rrrrrricoooo … during hurricane season. I actually flew over 2 hurricanes on the way there but luckily it JUST missed us, so even though there were scattered thunderstorms I was still able to do this:

#2 – Prior to filming Twilight Ashley had never played baseball in her life so she went through rigorous training to make sure she didn’t hit any cameramen or break any equipment. Obviously, the training paid off because you can see her pitching overhand fastballs in the pivotal baseball game scene.

I on the other hand played softball during all 3 years of middle school. And then I went to high school and turned into a girl. Wah. However, I have ALWAYS been and still am a diehard SF Giants fan. Yah we suck but I’ll talk shit ’till the very last inning!

#3 – Ashley broke into Hollywood with small roles in popular television shows such as Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d and Mad TV. She was also featured in Mest’s “Kiss Me, Kill Me” music video which can be seen here.


I was asked to be in my homeboy Nump’s music video “Jump on the ‘Scrape.” Unfortunately, I didn’t feel comfortable doing the bikini scene  so my “boring” fully clothed footage wasn’t used but I still had fun hanging out with the girls.

#4 – At a recent interview during Chicago Flashback weekend, Ashley was asked the ultimate question – Tearm Edward or Team Jacob? Her reply? “I vote for Jasper.” OMG I love her, she’s just as adorable as herself as she is Alice.

Shiiiiiit. You already know where I stand on that one. I wore this shirt out twice in one week the first time I got it and then to sleep for a week straight after. Errr maybe I should’ve left out that last part…

#5 – If Ashley could play any other character in Twilight other than her own, she would play her dear brother Edward Cullen because “Everyone is in love with him!” You ain’t neva lie girl! But asides from Edward, she has shown  interest in James and Victoria stating that she would like to play a villain vampire because it’s such a contrast from Alice’s sweet and wholesome role.

One of my favorite actresses is Angelina Jolie, not so much ‘cuz she’s a good actress but pretty much just ‘cuz I think she’s freaking hottt!!! So if I could play any of her characters, it would definitely be Jane Smith’s role in Mr. & Mrs. Smith because she getS to play with big boy toys AND gets it on with Brad Pitt.

One response to “FFF’s About Ashley Greene & DooWaDitty!

  1. <3! and yes, i wore my team edward shirt to bed the first night and have worn it several times out in public! hahahha!

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