This broad needs a whoopin!

Paris was seen at the same Oscars party as our RPat. Witnesses (including her sis, and the Olsen twins) were shocked at the overly flirty Paris as she stole him away from the party to talk in a garden. WTFORKS?!

HELLLLLLL no! F**k a ho*!

I wonder what they talked about!!! “Like, OH-EM-GEE, you were sooooo hawt in Twilight, like, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you… but like, you were so pale. Do you wanna come with me to the tanning salon some time?!” I’d RATHER him be with Natalie Portman than with this skank! At least NP has CLASS! Gah!


Anyway, it was said that she made her sis Nicky scan the party for her prey, poor Rob didn’t know what was coming to him!!! Hopefully the other girls kept her far away from him for most of the part. We got your back Rob – we’ll all keep her away from you right ladies??


More info via MyParkMag

In other news, he landed in Narito’s airport and was all smiles to greet the fans holding their Twilight memorabilia – HELL YEA! I’m glad he left LA from that plastic(whore)bag!





More info via GG

*Thanks again RPattzNews!


3 responses to “This broad needs a whoopin!

  1. Right now I am so aggravated by Kristen Stewart I cannot think straight to deal with Paris Hilton. Err.. I will say that Rob, thankfully, is gracious and warm and kind to his fans. Look at that face… after a plane ride to Tokyo. I swear, I can just eat him for breakfast… topped with syrup… sorry, I got off topic. 😉

    • WOMAN! agreed!!! oh how much I would have paid to be a flight attendant on that flight…. “so… rob… you like girls in uniform???”

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