Cover Girl.

Our favorite stuttering klutz is on the cover of Nylon’s March 2009 issue.

While it’s definitely Bella’s familiar pale skin and chestnut hair gracing the magazine’s pages, the interview itself is ALL Kristen Stewart. In it she divulges about having to answer “bullshit” questions from Twilight fanatics (I think “How does it feel to kiss a vampire is an EXTREMELY VALID question by the way), and about her “non-relationship” with Robert Pattinson.

“It’s just totally false… Rob and I are good friends. We went through a lot together, so we feel very close. But if we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized, like the way I stand next to him. And it’s like, I know this guy really fucking well [laughs]. It’s only natural that we’re sort of leaning on each other, because we’re put in the most fucking psychotic situations.”

I want to hate her. I really do. But she seems like a pretty cool, down to Earth chick.

Besides, the interview also mentions she’s dating a 20-year old (Edward’s 17 going on a century and R. Pat’s 22) so maybe I’ll just hate Bella instead.

Kristen Stewart on the other hand, holla at yo’ girls!


2 responses to “Cover Girl.

  1. sooooo HOT! can’t knock as kristen… but can knock her as bella – psh lol

  2. Dang, I agree.

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