5 Fun Facts about Chrisina Serratos aka Angela Weber


Okay yea, she plays the nerdy innocent chick in Twilight. But the reason why we all love her is because Bella trusts her and so does Edward (as we all read about in Midnight Sun). If Edward confides in this girl… SO WILL I!


Click to enlarge:

We recently saw the 5 fun facts about Edward/RPatz and now Kristen/Bella… So here are my fun facts for Christina/Angela:

  1. Her favorite book of the series was Eclipse… Hmmm, I wonder why? Thoughts anyone?
  2. She does not know how to burp!
  3. She started her career as a model for Ford, then she began acting and making jewelry – so creative! She also sings and would best describe as Evanescence, Fly Leaf, Bright Eyes and Fiona Apple (this is PERFECT for Twilight, I think her next song should be in New Moon if that’s the case!). Here’s her myspace music page: www.myspace.com/christianserratosmusic
  4. She has mini poodles named Johnny Cash and Gigi, and they had four puppies – awwwwww!
  5. Was used as a model for a mannequin at age ten in the children’s department of Old Navy

Five Fun Facts about me, JCullenBlack.

  1. This is my 3rd obsession over a semi-fictional character. First was my fascination over Brandon Boyd from Incubus, second was Apollo Anton Ono, Olympic speed skater… oh YES.
  2. I’m an avid blogger for things that interest me: street culture, design, product reviews. You can find them at www.fatlace.com/stayfresh/yoshi, www.itsdesignrelated.com, and www.ctothejl.com. And of course I dedicate most of my blog time to this site!!
  3. I change my hairstyle every 2 or so months, depending on my mood. Seriously, I think every time MissLawn visits NYC, I have a new do. (which has been quite often lately lol). I ALMOST cut my hair to look like Alice… ALMOST.
  4. I’m really surprised my boyfriend hasn’t dumped me over this obsession yet… little does he know that I downplay my true feelings when I’m around him… Not even sure he knows the link to this blog!
  5. I have two kitties named Sushi and Squirt. They think they are dogs. They cry when one of us leaves. Squirt likes to stand by the door so we can take her for a walk through our building’s hallways. Sushi is fat. If we get another kitten, I will name her Renesmee.

Images via LePhantMag


4 responses to “5 Fun Facts about Chrisina Serratos aka Angela Weber

  1. i absolutely LOVE these pictures! LOVE!

  2. Me too! She’s a gorgeous girl.

  3. dayuuumm.. who knew our sweet little angela was so hawwwtt under dem glasses!

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