the lost script

these are HILARIOUS. 

MSN reimagined the dialogue for the Twilight movie… and i can’t stop LOL at work. 


check out the rest after the jump… i can’t believe i havent seen this yet.   but it totally reminds me of when my girls and i people watch and then try and imagine what their conversations sound like.   hahaha. 

check it here to rank your favorites! 


One response to “the lost script

  1. hahahaha… i love the last one!!!
    ” I know Edward means well, but when he holds my hands behind my back like this, I sort of feel like I’m being arrested and being arrested reminds me of my dad, and when I’m standing right next to my boyfriend, I don’t really want to be thinking about my dad and handcuffs, you know? It just doesn’t feel right.”

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