Let the Right One In

Straying away from RPat and Twilight for just a smidgen, but still keeping with the vampire theme, my co-worker let me know that she just watched the Swedish film, Let the Right One In. I remember hearing about this a while ago and could never remember the name of the movie, so I’m glad she reminded me (being that we’re both Twilight obsessives fanatics).


I’ll have to find some time to watch it (or find online) and let you know what I think! But I am really curious as to how they pull this off since the characters are so young. Click HERE for more info via IMDB.



4 responses to “Let the Right One In

  1. ooooh… i wanna watch this, i heard it was really good 🙂

  2. wow! I wana see it, looks really good. those kids are talented. wow! keep me posted

  3. it was creepy, and funny.

  4. Saw Let the Right One In in London a few weeks ago. Very atmospheric and creepy. Not a romance like Twilight but more a horror film.

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