five fun facts…

“allow me to re-introduce myself.  my name is HOV!

 Mrs. Mayor, actually.   and i wanted to take a time out to share some fun facts about our fave vampire, R-Patz, and about myself, cuz..  well… next to Twilight, I’m my favorite topic.   

about him (according to
1. Robert Pattinson was often taken advantage of by his older siblings. “Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as ‘Claudia’!” the actor told the BBC.

2. Robert Pattinson became known to his fans as ‘Spunk Ransom’ after admitting he disliked his name. “I hate any reference to my name,” he told MTV. “I wish people would just completely invent a new one.” ‘Spunk Ransom’ was Pattinson’s suggested alternative.

3.  Robert Pattinson, who plays piano and guitar, has two songs featured in Twilight. “I cried the first time I heard the two songs,” director Catherine Hardwicke told MTV. “They’re deep; they’re very soulful.”

4.  While filming Twilight, Robert Pattinson injured himself on his very first shot. “I wasn’t even doing a stunt. I was just trying to pick up Kristen Stewart and I almost tore my hamstring because I hadn’t been doing enough squats,” the actor told the Los Angeles Times. “It was very embarrassing.”  
(p.s.  does this mean she’s FAT?  cuz the other night he picked me up with no problem. ha. )

5.  While on the Twilight set, an enthusiastic fan asked a crew member to bring her baby on set and have Robert Pattinson take a photo with the child. “So there’s a photo of me like biting a baby’s head,” he said.
aaand about me
1.  i’m a 26 y.o. wife and mother, i work for the man, and Twilight has taken over my life.

2.  i secretly wish my life was a musical.  most of the time you’ll catch me dancing / singing by myself.  btw, i’d LOVE to see Twilight as a musical. (which apparently is happening here.. thanks jess)

3.  i will be naming my next dog Mason (Edward Cullen’s human last name.. get with it people)

4.  i’m currently planning a trip to Washington to see Seattle, Forks, and the reservation.

5.  i am currently jeopardizing my job for twilight as they have been monitoring my internet usage…  and posting these blogs and googling RPat’s name is.. well..  non-work related.  OBVIOUSLY.  =) 

WTForks would love to know about our readers.  let us know some fun facts about you…  and to my other WTFly ladies..   lets share some fun facts about ourselves shall we??     Because we’re everyone’s new best friends =)


4 responses to “five fun facts…

  1. Oh mann… WTForks meet up IN Forks! How awesome would that be?!!!

    Oh & I don’t know if you all have seen this blog but-
    Filipino Twilight blog! I’ll be surprised if it’s not in your bookmarks already. ;p

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  3. No wonder you wanted the pic from my phone! Hahaha. Oh! In August, there will be a Twi Tour that brings you to Seattle, Forks, and La Push. Just wanted to share. LOL

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