Something About Justin… aka Eric

As ya’ll heard last week, I met Justin Chon in Vegas at the Project Tradeshow, a bi-yearly convention for contemporary clothing where exhibitors and buyers meet / sell clothing for next season. You guys may wonder, why the hellz was Justin there and how did it all go down, soooooo here’s what happened:

Ok, so I was sitting in on a appointment with one of my buyers, while my rep Julie was selling to James from Attic and he mentioned that his bff/business partner was an actor. The convo went something like this:

Julie: “Oh really? Have I seen him in anything?”

James: “Yeah, he was in Twilight”

Being that I have “Twilight” radar heard “Twilight” from across the booth and yelled out….

Me: “Whaaaaatt??!! Did you just say Twilight?”

James: “Yeah, he’s the asian”

Since my girl, is oblivious to the Twilight hype asked the following…

Julie: “Which one?” 

Me: “Hellllooowww Julie?!! There’s only one asian in the movie… Eric!”

I rush James and say,

Me: “Ok shut up… swear Justin is your friend!!!”

James: “Yeah, he’s a partner in the store… he’s here. He’s actually coming right now”

Me: “Shut up, shut up… swear!!!”

Ok, so I totally started freaking out cuz not only was I going to meet Eric, I mean Justin Chon… but I was going to meet someone who’s actually been in direct contact w/ my boo, Edward Cullen. Ha!

Here I am texting JCULLENBLACK… “OMG OMG OMG Jess… guess who’s here at my booth”


We chatted about Twilight of course & Justin gave me the heads up about his new movie coming out called, Crossing Over which is set to be released in Los Angeles and New York on February 27 and all theaters in March.



4 responses to “Something About Justin… aka Eric


  2. THIS made my entire month! AAAAAHHHHH!!! WTFreakin BEST VIDEO EVER!

  3. how could i not love him? he has better hair than me!

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