New Moon Artwork Revealed


The official name and logo for Chris Weitz’s soon-to-be-filmed sequel to “Twilight” is dubbed “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon.” The film’s official title art stays true to the look of the first movie while swapping in an orange tint, a subtle crescent moon, and the release date of 11.20.09.

As for the logo itself, Weitz has chosen to stay with the lowercase lettering, personable font and light-streaks-poking-through look of last year’s hit film. In switching from blue to orange, the movie’s upcoming posters will be instantly distinguishable from those of the original “Twilight” – which should make them look a whole lot cooler when teenage girls (and grown ass women like us here at WTForks?!) all over the world add them to their walls. 

*** UPDATE: According to E!Online

Huge news, everyone! (Yes, every little piece of Twilight is a major deal.) The sequel’s official name and title artwork have been unveiled.

And despite earlier reports that the movie would be known as The Twilight Saga’s New Moon, the title will remain New Moon according to the movie’s rep. They just have Twilight Saga in the artwork to identify it for anyone less devoted than your average fanggirl. But there is a distinguishing difference in this title sequence, which will be in orange rather than the blue of the original.


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