Mickey WHO?!

So as Anthony Hopkins was talking his gabba gabba about Mickey Rourke, of COURSE my eyes and ears were tunneled toward R.Pat… If only I could illustrate the stars and hearts that surrounded his aura through my gaze… ANYYYWAAAY, the last photos for the night:



And this one thanks to Gossip Girls (who deemed him the “Oscar Stud” HEHEHEHEH) – last post for the night I swear. DUDE – I BETTER have some SWEET dreams tonight – GAHHH!


9 responses to “Mickey WHO?!

  1. I wasn’t paying any attention to Mickey at all!! LOL

    Couldn’t. Concentrate. At. All.

  2. OME!! i wonder who went with him., Oh and he is so sexy.. wow!!! I really missed seeing him every where.. lol BUt SEXY IS BACK and my lord I get to see a whole bunch of pics of him.. yay!!! Neways I only watched the Oscars because of him, sad I know, But I love Me Some ROB!!! I cant wait to see more pics when they start shooting New Moon.. 🙂

  3. ooohhh weeeee!!!

  4. I stayed up because I knew the Mickey was nominated for Best Actor and that there would be some serious Rob face time when they went to Mickey. I was not dissappointed. He looked goooooood. I am kindof glad that he had his manager and agent there for support. They did a good job getting him that seat.

  5. It was worth staying up until the very end, just to see Rob looking all handsome and pensive in the audience.

    What a cutie!
    Dee Marie

  6. is it just me or did it seem like he went as Edward Cullen and not as himself?! Cuz he looked like a vampire… just they way i like ‘im 🙂

  7. I was thinking the samething while I was watching. It was like he was in character… that character being…a gorgeous vampire. He is sooo HOT!

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