Best of Both Worlds.

And no I’m not talking about having both mortal and immortal qualities.

I’m talking about TWILIGHT and FOOD!

According to the Peninsula Daily News, restaurants in the Forks and Port Angeles area have been participating in the Twilight frenzy since the emergence of the book and movie.

At Sully’s Drive-In located on 220 N. Forks Ave., they serve Bella Burgers with pineapple on top to match Bella’s “sweet personality,” and at Pacific Pizza located on 870 S. Forks Ave. you can sink your teeth into an entire Twlight themed meal. The meal includes Swan Salad, Bellasagna, and of course Ed’s garlic bread.

But probably the most significant eatery mentioned in the Twilight series is Bella Italia, where Bella and Edward had their very first date (And that heffer-whore skank of a waitress was eyeing our man). The restaurant added Bella’s meal of choice, mushroom raviolli to the menu and say people order it everynight.

Now the only thing better than food and Edward Cullen is eating food OFF of Edward Cullen…

Mmmm – lemme stop LOL.


One response to “Best of Both Worlds.

  1. abi i’m SO never making u mushroom ravioli.

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