Ugh whaaat?!

… that’s exactly what I said last night when I saw the Edward Cullen Doll at Borders, but not only cuz he looked a bit strange. Urggh, you’ll see…


Ok… the doll  looked everything like the pictures that I saw on the internet BUT then I turned the package over and…


Do you see what I see? Uggghh what?!!! I didn’t know that Edward’s special abilities was “Ming reading.” WTForks?!!!

Wow. Wow. Major typo alert. Someone’s gotta get fired for messing that one up. I mean… don’t they proof read, don’t they speak english?

This is too HIL-AR-IOUS!


4 responses to “Ugh whaaat?!

  1. omg, that is to funny!

  2. That shit is toooo HILARIOUS!!!!!!! did you buy it? I would totally buy it just cuz of the that!!

  3. ming reading! is must be made in china.

  4. hahaha MING READING. LMAO! i’m dying.

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