Kanye’s 808 & Heartbreak is the NEW Twilight Soundtrack

… well not really but have you listened to it? It sooooo is!!!


In case you’ve been out of the loop, earlier this week, jcullenblack did a What Song(s) Remind You of Twilight post and one of my homegirls, Mare brought up Kanye’s 808 & Heartbreak album. She brought it to my attention a couple months ago and since then I’ve been giggling to myself every time one of the songs come on the radio OR I’ve been playing the album w/ my headphones on at work whenever I need a Twilight fix.

Here’s some of the example’s Mare gave:

Say You Will – Edward’s song about Bella when she arrives to Forks!!

Love Lockdown – Edward’s feelings about how he can’t love Bella because it’s too dangerous!

Paranoid – how Bella worries about everything… the wrong thangs!

Heartless – it’s about Bella and Jacob!

Coldest Winter – Edward’s song to Bella when he leaves her in New Moon

Amazing – Edward’s song about how he thinks of himself in the beginning…”I’m a monster, I’m a killer… I’m a problem that I never ever resolved…”

But anyways… I was out last night for my girlfriends birthday and the dj started to play “Heartless” and then I turn around and there’s Kanye kickin’ it our area!!!! I wanted to ask him sooooo bad if he was inspired by the Twilight Series… Haha!!!


So if you haven’t already listened to it… do it now!!! If you don’t have the album, you can click here to listen.

4 responses to “Kanye’s 808 & Heartbreak is the NEW Twilight Soundtrack

  1. where was this??! i wanna meet kanye! LOL!

  2. i totally wanted to go to my house last night too!!! slkfjasklf booooooo

  3. SO TRUE and omg – you SHOULD have told kanye!!! i would have… lol


  4. I can see how the 808’s and heartbreak cd (which is amazing)can be linked to twilight. The ghost of you by my chemical romance reminds me of new moon. Listen to it! Lol

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