puwhaha OMG!!! TELL me you haven’t thought to do this…

I can’t speak for MissLawn or the new mayor because I’m not married yet, but YES, I have really doubted my relationship at times because of my dear EDWARD!!! have you???

This poor guy!
“Today, my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like her “Edward”. I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy her “Twilight” book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML”



4 responses to “puwhaha OMG!!! TELL me you haven’t thought to do this…

  1. Hahahahahahaha! I don’t have a boyfriend and i’m not married. But, i have to admit i have been catching myself saying i want to be with someone EXACTLY like Edward. hahaha!

    That’s hella funny! i just never thought someone would actually do that.

  2. omg, soooo sad but yet soooo true… there have been times where i’ve asked my hubby, “how come you dont’ hold me tight to your waist when we’re walking?” OR “why can’t you sparkle in the sun like Edward”.. hahaha!!!

  3. LMAO. omg is it wrong to laugh at his misfortune. who can say they’ve been dumped for a fictional character. lololol. poor guy.
    As yall know, Edward is just tooo much for me, too nice too protective too sweet, etc. but i must admitt i have caught myself wishing for a guy as chivalrous as Edward from time to time.

  4. soooooo funny. i knew you’d appreciate it and spread the word accordingly! HAHA

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