Recipe’s for the perfect Twilight V-Day


Valentines Day is coming up and I have no idea what to do for my “monkey man”. I’ve gotta be the least romantic/thoughtful person when it comes time to holidays and/or gift giving. So I hit up the internet for ideas and up comes up the perfect idea for V-Day…

Twilight Themed Valentines Day!!!

Recipe for a Guilty Pleasure

2-Star Crossed Lovers 


  1. Combine one blood-sucking yet dashing vampire with one charmingly tragic heroine
  2. Mix in a heap of forbidden romance, a dash of teenage angst and a sprinkling of danger
  3. Set in rustic, cloud-covered Forks, Washington
  4. Remove and serve hot

Click here for recipe’s for desserts and decoration ideas, fit for any two-star crossed lovers.

I’ll be trying The Blood Orange Punch 🙂


One response to “Recipe’s for the perfect Twilight V-Day

  1. awww! cute!

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