What song(s) remind you of Twilight?

I dont know, but for some reason Jazmine Sullivan’s “One Night Stand” always does it for me! Every SINGLE time that songs plays on my ipod, images of Edward making me pancakes fill my imagination!!! WTForks?!

What about you??


9 responses to “What song(s) remind you of Twilight?

  1. LMAO i do not associate that song with edward thats hilarious though. you know what song that makes me think of the whole Twilight scenario is “On Fire” by Switchfoot. its like a song written for Bella about Edward.

    jus listen, ignore the video lol.

  2. well asides from bella’s lullaby and flightless bird american mouth, a song that reminds me of twilight that’s not even on the soundtrack is second hand serenade’s “your call,” omg ask rach i told her it should be on the soundtrack!

    “‘cuz i was born to tell u i love u, and i am torn to do what i have to to make u mine to stay with me tonight…”

  3. jazmine sullivan, in love with another man.

    that song reminds me of the whole bella/jake/edward shit in new moon… *sigh*

  4. omg! i was just telling misslawn cullen that kanye’s heartbreak album reminds me of twilight! seriously, it’s like kanye based his entire album on the the series!!

    say you will – edward’s song about bella when she arrives to forks!!

    love lockdown – edward’s feelings about how he can’t love bella because it’s too dangerous!

    paranoid – how bella worries about everything…the wrong thangs!

    heartless – it’s about bella and jacob!

    coldest winter – edward’s song to bella when he leaves her in new moon

    amazing – edward’s song about how he thinks of himself in the beginning…”i’m a monster, i’m a killer…i’m a problem that i never ever resolved…”

    see you in my nightmares – edward being a vamp! “i’m cold…i’m cold… i’m running from the sun”

    i can go on and on but i’ll stop here!


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  7. hahaha… i laugh to myself every time i hear any song from kanye’s album after mare told me that!!!

    check out the lyrics here.

  8. oommggg! now i haaaave to listen to kanye!

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