Say it Ain’t So.


Despite the bloodsucker and dog action in Twilight – we all know that ultimately, it’s a love story. And while I’m sure some of you find it just wonderful that Edward and Bella are all inconveniently, head over heels, “I want to shout on a mountain top,” in love with each other – I would homewreck that in a heroin heartbeat.

I’m a hater. And what?

Anywho, I promised myself I’m only jealous of Bella and NOT Kristin Stewart because I’m really only in love with Edward and NOT Robert Pattinson BUT why does this still upset me?


I ain’t one to believe the hype  buuuuut it’s a recent pic (Robert’s do’), and tell me he ain’t shirtless on the BED with her?


*** UPDATE: The picture above is totally fake… woohoo!!!! ***

As seen in an old post on PerezHilton, the pic of R.Pat’s face was taken from an old fan pic seen below.



6 responses to “Say it Ain’t So.

  1. um, homewreck in a heroin heartbeat is fuckin CORRECT.

  2. it’s fake… thank god!!! i found a site that has the original pic of them separately. i’ll look for it again and post.

  3. omg… send me pics of you guys and i’ll totally photoshop you guys on that pic and then post, ha!!!

  4. OMG – I NEARLY LOST MY SHIT, my stomach literally dropped and i felt like someone punched me in the gut – AAAAHHHH!

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