I remember that day.

u know how in those momentous worldly occasions, u know exactly where you were??  For example,  i was in bed, awakened by a phone call from my girl to turn on the TV when 9/11 happened.    i was on my way to borders to “study” with my high school friends when i found out Aaliyah had died.   i was in hawaii with my hubby when hurricane katrina hit….well,  i’d like to share with you where and when i fell in love with Twilight. 

I was at the downtown Macy’s store with my cousin Tamara and my NBF Queenie, trying on shoes in my girl Janice’s department.   Being stupid, actin a fool, waiting for our table at Cheesecake Factory, cuz that day they were serving $1.50 slices of cheesecake….  (and u KNOW damn well i’m a heffer so i had to get me my tres leches cheesecake *which they have since discontinued*) 

anyways, i’m trying on shoes for Vegas, cuz i’m about to hit the town with my girls…  and poking out of Tamara’s bag was this dictionary.  Only it wasn’t a dictionary.. it was “Eclipse.”  I had heard her talk about this series before, and i just did not understand why she would lug around a book the size of an ecyclopedia around..  was it REALLY that good?     So I asked to see it while we were waiting and I read the very first chapter..  warewolves and vampires and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  i was HOOKED.

 So, over a plate of pasta and cheesecake, with my cousin and my new best friend…that was the day I fell in love with Twilight.  The rest, they say, is history. 

I’d love to hear who, how, and when you were introduced to Twilight… Drop ur story!

9 responses to “I remember that day.

  1. i was in Queens with my cousin, we wanted to see a movie and Twilight just so happened to be starting in 5 minutes so we were like why not. We had NO clue what this movie entailed besides vampires. but i was expecting vampires from like 30 days of Night.,or something as such. so the movie is playing out and my cousin and are taken aback by EVERYTHING thats happening, golden eyes??? body shimmer??? baseball playing vampires that can read your mind and are capable of falling in love??? we left that theatre HOOKED. i went to amazon.com and ordered the entire saga the following week. i dont know what it is about that movie but EVERYONE loves it, guys girls and even ppl who are not into the whole sci-fi scene. So that was the day i got hooked on twilight.

  2. i was with my girlfriends, nette and maryann heading to nette’s place and they started talking about “twilight” and how good it was, blah blah blah… i was listening but not wanting to get into it cuz there was no way i had time to read a book, let alone 4.
    then one day at the airport while waiting for my flight, i walked into the bookstore and instead of buying a tabloid magazine i hit up nette and asked her,
    “what’s that book you guys are reading, again?”
    “twilight” she replied.
    so i walked over to the “best sellers” section and voila… there it was! i picked it up, bought it and never put it down.

  3. I was at Rachel’s house. I believe I just got there and she shoved the book at me before I can even sit down. Didn’t even say or nothin!

    R-you HAVE to read this!!!
    Q-okay what’s it about?
    R-this girl falls in love with a vampire
    Q-(looks @ Rachel like she’s crazy) WTF?!?!
    R-I promise you’ll love it.

    A couple of days later after I finished reading the book I was on that week I started Twilight at 11pm bc I couldn’t sleep. I figured a boring ass book would put me to sleep. Sometime around 3am I emailed Rach and the subject line was “You are my life now” bc I just got to that part and I told her to bring New Moon for me bc I’m NOT sleeping until I was done with Twilight. I read the series in one week and loved Rach even more when she emailed me Midnight Sun. Lol

    Rach do you still have that email? Lol

  4. i saw the trailers on tv and thought it was a new tv series. then a bunch of ads started popping up all over the train stations. then i dragged my bf the night of the opening and i absolutely fell in LOVE…. with edward… i went home that night and kept on youtubing the trailers and anything that related to twilight. the next day, i walked over to barnes and bought both twilight AND new moon. finished both books, waited for Lawn to finish up new moon and that’s when we started our “book club.” THEN finished new moon while i was in dc for thanksgiving, so i made my bf’s sister drive us everywhere to find the last 2 books, dropped 50 bucks easily on the 2 hard covers =)


  5. My first encounter with Twilight was when my sister, Lanie aka misslawn cullen, had just finished reading Eclipse and she was driving everywhere in LA looking for Breaking Dawn, but she could not find it. She called me frantically in San Diego, asking me to goto to my neighborhood Target and pick her up a hardcopy of Breaking Dawn ASAP, but my hands were tied with watching my lil one Miles. That following weekend, I was at Target and I perused the book section, and what did I see…..one hardcopy of Breaking Dawn. Being the big sister that I am, I totally scooped it up and gave to my sister. She totally read through it during Thanksgiving. My next encounter was when I was hosting my son, Miles’ First Birthday and I catch my girl Mare and my sister, Lanie talking up a storm with our other girlfriends about Twilight. Back and forth they were talking about how much they were gah gah over this vampire, named Edward and how they would totally have some vampire lovein.
    So, now it’s Christmas time, and I need to find a gift for my lil sis. I heard that Stephanie Meyer has another book out. So I headed to Target and made another purchase for my sister and what was next to the book The Host, but one hardcopy of Twilight. I felt like it was fate, so I made a purchase for myself also. Christmas morning I started reading Twilight and I have been hooked ever since. I suppose I should thank my sis and Mare for the introduction. Thanks

  6. Dude, this is a story I’ll be telling by the fireplace to all my half mortal half human grandkids and shit lol …

    The first I ever even HEARD about Twilight was from Rach.

    “Have u read Twilight? OMG U HAVE TO READ IT!”

    So because I love to read and got tired of reading the same books over and over, she lent me her copy and I was done with the first book in less than 2 days – and it only took that long ‘cuz I had this thing called “work” which I’m supposed to be doing right now. Anyway, I remember shopping at Borders with my GBFF to get A New Moon. This was a day or 2 before Halloween. Needless to say, I was done with the entire series in less than a month and my GBFF goes, “Well NEVER MIND THEN ‘cuz I was gonna get u the last 2 books of the series for Christmas!”

    While I don’t remember exactly what I was doing at the moment I first read Twilight I remember just being SO ENGULFED in it as everyone else is. And the first thing I said to myself was, “This is the cheesiest, most yes homo shit I have EVER read …. but I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT!”

  7. God, this is the best bookclub EH-VER.

  8. So, I was in 5º and i noticed my friend had the New Moon on her desk. It looked really beat up and very abused (which meant she’s read it more than once). I asked her what the hell was that on her desk and almost every one of my girl friends within earshot stared at me like i was crazy.

    They all asked if I was crazy and how in the world did i never hear about the series. I caused even more awkward stares when I said, “Oh! Is it what that movie with the the dude from Harry Potter 4 is about?” (mind you i was not aware of RPatz and his godlike perfection [or should i say Edward’s godlike perfection]).

    Again, they looked at me like i was stupid. And since i couldn’t take the stares i demanded they tell me what it was about. After minutes of numerous stuttering and trying to find the correct way to tell me. They all declared there was no way of explaining it properly. My friend with the New Moon book took out her copy of Twilight and threw it at me (Also, later that day even though she was reading it she also gave me her New Moon).

    She told me to read it. My curiosity got the best of me so i did.

    Oct. 16 (Thursday) i started twilight. By the 18th i was reading New Moon. I refused to wait to borrow my friends copy of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. So, the day i finished New Moon i spent over $50 and bought the last 2 books. By the 24th i was done with the series.

    Since, then my friends can’t get me to shut up about it.

    But, i knew i was in love when (i know this is a complete and random part) Edward told Bella to get into the car in Port Angeles when she was about to be attacked.

    So there you have it.


  9. Oh! and i would also like to add. That whole week that i was consumed in the Universe of Twilight i had no idea what was going on in school and in life in general. So, when i was done and was able to focus. i had no idea what was goin on in my Chem class, neglected my Ceramics porject, never read the assigned reading of Frankenstien for english. And pretty much ignored everyone. Would never leave me room only to use the bathroom and eat (i brought the food up to my room). Never watched TV or even went on myspace. I was a zombie for a week (but being a zombie was no where as bad as it was for Bella). Lol

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