forreal.. bella whooo? VOTE!

*voting will close at 5:30 pm PST on 01/30/09*

PLEASE VOTE! Which one of us do you think would have made the best Bella!??? we got a bet going between the 4 of us with a small monetary prize for the winner..  c’mon guys!  feedback!

1. the new mayor of forks. aka rachem copon. my face dont match my neck i’m dark as fuck… i can almost FEEL the extra cash in my pocket.  my husband thinks i’m crazy.  i may be crazy but he married me!  lol.

Create your own FACEinHOLE

2. jcullenblack – our complexions match! you can paypal me the cash mooooney! HAHAHAHHAA – oh my edward ❤ ❤ ❤ (my bf just caught this post behind my back with a “WTF?!” look – SO WHAT!)

Create your own FACEinHOLE

3. misslawn cullen aka bellawn – this is my bella/zoolander face, ha! come on ya’ll VOTE FOR ME!!!


Create your own FACEinHOLE

4. doowaditty . I wish my eyebrows matched my hair.


188 responses to “forreal.. bella whooo? VOTE!

  1. ok i’m voting for myself. HA. is this considered cheating?

  2. I vote for Jess cause she walked over to my desk with a knife and threatened violence.

  3. i vote for misslawn cullen! her expression matches edwards!

  4. my vote’s for bellawn billz. 🙂

  5. I vote for the Mayor of Forks aka Rachem Copon because she’ll feed me with her winnings when we’re in Hawaii. Lol

  6. I vote for Rachem Copon. Edward is in love with her on that picture and so am i .

  7. i vote for rachel copon, “the new mayor of forks”

  8. I vote for the New Mayor of Forks a.k.a Rachem Copon!

  9. I vote for rach, they make a cute couple even if her face is darker than her neck!!!!!

  10. ok just so rach doesn’t feel like she’s cheating i’m gonna vote for myself too lol … JUST FOR THAT REASON ONLY … doot do doo haha

  11. gotta vote for yoshi… iknow her

  12. Bam Skeet Skeet Skeet

    I have to say Miss “Sexy” Lawn, that pose is unforgettable!

  13. I vote for Rachem…she looks really happy.

  14. I vote for misslawn cullen aka bellawn, hahaha

  15. ruff ruff bellalawn ruff ruff

  16. Misslawn with the magnum grill.

  17. doowaditty…plz!

  18. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA i cant stop laughing.

  19. i vote for rachemmm!

  20. OMFG!!! can i vote for two people???

    ….. i vote for RACH & ABI

  21. fine then… i’ll vote for myself too!!!

  22. I vote for doowaditty… GO ABI! GO ABI. I would soo hook those brows up to match. lmao!

  23. My vote is for Lan!


  25. I vote for Misslawn.

  26. Rachel, because I work with her and she bribed me with a tamale.

  27. Doowaditty gets my vote.

  28. I vote for abi …cause she is hot ….LOL

  29. once again. i vote for abi. are we allowed to vote twice??? lol

  30. I vote for Abi ’cause she a hot ass babe! Yum!

  31. Doowaditty! aka abiJAIL

  32. +1 for Rach, because Edward looks happier in the picture……..

  33. I vote for Rachel, because I know the money will be well spent on good eats in Hawaii 🙂

  34. you guys are HILARIOUS. it’s hard to vote! lol


  36. misslawn gets my VOTE

  37. i think misslawn is the hottest!

  38. BELLAWN, all the way……misslawn

  39. Votes for: bellawn/misslawn

  40. My vote goes for #3 bellawn

  41. i’m running with the crowd…..MISSLAWN!!!!

  42. I’m votin’ for Miss Lawn Cullen for sure!!!!

  43. hey! People are voting more that once, so I’m voting again for my girl, misslawn cullen!!!

  44. Gordon Koko Puffs

    The vote goes to:…..MISS LAWN!!!!!

  45. my vote is for ms. hot.sauce herself. doowaditty, woot woot. if you really want to go in depth, i can critique the face in the hole skills, since i know it aint photoshopped. but yeah abis on point with that, excluding the eyebrows lol

  46. I vote for the new Mayor of Forks, aka Rachem Copon

  47. beautyandthegeek

    miss lawn cullen, ftw!!!!!

  48. I VOTE #2!!! digging the cute little black fringe poking out from under the flowing locks! yay jess! lol!

  49. even tho yosh forgot to match her bangs, thats cool. she got my vote

  50. scottyfivealive


  51. jcullenblack 4eva

  52. The lips got me! Miss Lawn Cullen!!!

  53. jess, cuz she lent me book #3!

  54. Vote for Jess… love all the pictures, but Jess threatened with a smile

  55. I neeed to vote for Yosh…. this is the funniest pic I have ever seen!!! I love it!!! Yoshi alllll the way!!


  57. Yoshi! YES WE CAN!

  58. JESS WINS. I mean, look at her… in her rightful place next to HER MAN, MISTER CULLEN.

  59. DEF YOSHI!!!!!!!!

  60. I guess I have to vote for my wife.. RACHEL BRITO. not Cullen! Who is this Edward guy anyway?

  61. jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack jcullenblack

  62. Auntie Bellawn!!!

  63. I vote for MISSLAWNCULLEN!! wooohooooo!!!!

  64. I vote Jess because she promised to split the money.

  65. I vote for jessica but this is really dumb.
    Hers looks the best.

  66. get it lanie!

  67. Jess all the way. She looks the most vampire-esque in the picture.


  68. i vote for jess g. i love her.

  69. Jessica’s got my vote….they look freakishly natural together…..sigh.

  70. I Vote for Jess – She looks like she should be in ‘The Craft’


  72. I vote for Rachel because Queenie’s making me

  73. My vote is for the new mayor of forks


  75. Yay New Mayor of Forks aka Rachem Copon!

  76. Voting for the New Mayor of Forks.

  77. rachem copon.

  78. I’m voting for the New Mayor of Forks aka Rachem Copon.

  79. new mayor of forks!

  80. sha sha sha sharon

    rachel! rachel! rachel!

  81. Bay…bay…bay!!!

    i like…what the french!!!!

    • and ladies and gentleman, the “not the brightest crayon in the box” award goes to my lovely mom for leaving this comment and putting MY name as hers. i will have u know – i did NOT teach her to say “ay bay bay,” nor did i teach her “what the french.” oh mom. can’t i get some sort of E for Effort award for getting my mom AND boss to vote since I only have lik 5 friends and 1 of them is IN the competition? A cookie? Gold star at least? lol.

  82. misslawn misslawn misslawn misslawn misslawn

  83. My vote is for misslawn cullen

  84. Lawn looks the most convincing!

  85. #3 misslawn cullen

  86. hellz yeaahhh… bellawn all the way!!!!

  87. Im on my laptop right now, and yoshi is behind me with a knife to my neck…blehh….i dont have much of a choice, YOSHI ftw.

  88. j the barbarian

    the barbarian says misslawn cullen or she’ll kick my ass

  89. I love the zoolander pose, misslawn get’s my vote

  90. gotta go with the barbarian on this one, MISSLAWN is the winner her for Bella

  91. gotta go with the barbarian on this one, MISSLAWN is the winner

  92. My girl says bellawn, so I vote misslawn cullen

  93. my vote is for #1. rachem copon.

  94. i vote for lani!

  95. the pose is hot, gotta vote for bellawn

  96. R.A.C.H.E.L.

  97. my girl……misslawn

  98. I vote for my sister’s NBF Rachel!!

  99. The tamales got me too. Rachel!

  100. Yoshi. gets da vote. Rock da votes

  101. She said tamales and ice cream. How can I say no? my vote is for Rachem Copon

  102. Yo I’ll go with jcullenblack on this one….

  103. Rachel's Supervisor

    She promised me she would stop doing this at work if I voted for her.

  104. all of you ladies look hot, but edward would definetly choose bellawn

  105. I vote for Rachel! Good luck love! Hope you win!!!

  106. I am going with yoshi///my road dog ggg-yeah

  107. Rachel. Because she scares me sometimes. Lol

  108. Jessssssssssssss all the way 🙂

  109. Notorious L.A.T.I.N. Westsideee

    Miss “notorious” lawn is my shit! get it right!

  110. I vote for Misslawn. Vote for her or I’ll smear you face off.

  111. Raaaaaaaaccccccchhhhhheeeeeellllllll

  112. VOTE FOR MISSLAWNCULLEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Put another tally for Misslawn!

  114. Rachel here’s my vote!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!

  115. freshoutdashower

    my vote goes for doowaditty cuz i feel kawawa for her. lol

    ur just lucky ur mom didn’t write something vulgar. hahahah

  116. i vote for my daughter OF COURSE – JESSICA AKA YOSHI. jcullenblack #2

    I love her dearly with all my heart and miss her so much.


  117. I vote for Rachel because she owes me money.

  118. thanks MOM!!! =)

  119. Misslawn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. RACHEL (goes) ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

  121. Quincy Kingston

    I vote for Misslawn…even though Lost Boys was way better than this movie.

  122. Rachel gets my vote!!!

  123. jcullenblack is definitely the winner! HANDS DOWN!


  125. Jcullenblack… cause she looks like a LA gang banger, for real.

  126. R

  127. curtis armstrong

    #2 fo sho. she hella tight blood.

  128. #4 is a definite shortstack, but I’ve got to roll with #2 – jcullenblack

  129. Jessica FTW!!!

  130. Rachem Copon.

  131. I’m voting for my girl Rachel!!!!

  132. i dont kno jess made me do it… JESS IS THE BESSSS

  133. Gosh Rach I said I had training!

    Count this as two (2) votes for me and Harry for THE NEW MAYOR OF FORKS. Go home already!!!

  134. I vote for doowaditty.

  135. i dont kno jess made me do it… JESS IS THE BESSS


    J …TO -THE -ESS….TO THE- I.C.A.


    GUECO !!!!

  137. Jess gets my vote.

    Edward ❤ JEss 4 Eva..

  138. JESSICA!

  139. OMG who’s gonna count all these votes? Losers!

    But I vote for Rachel. Lol

  140. My vote is for Misslawn. Yes!!!!

  141. I VOTE MISS LAWN cuz my president is black!

  142. I’m voting for Misslawn! Thanks for the nice bribe Lantut.

  143. My vote is for #1. Rachem Copon!

  144. My sis, Bellawn… I officially think she’s gone to the Twilight zone


  146. Of course my vote is for my sister Rachel!

  147. Rachel… cuz my sister told me too. hahah That and cuz of that moon pie thing she makes oh so well. hahah. is dat what it’s called? okay wutevr ya i’m voting for Rachel.

  148. I vote for Rachel to be my new mommie!!

  149. A vote for MissLawn is a vote for Bella.


  151. ok its party o’clock here in NY, i’m guessing all my votes are in lol good luck to rach and lawn!!!! edward still comes to me at night, so i don’t feel so bad =)

  152. Voting for Rachel before I go home. TGIF!!

  153. five votes for misslawn

  154. I vote for Misslawn!

  155. down to the wire. rach got my vote!

  156. I made it! I definitely have to go with MissLawn!!!

  157. one more for rachel!!

  158. I like the Miss lawn… very undead! Make it V!

  159. MISS LAWN!

  160. gotta get my vote in before the cut, BELLAWN!!!

  161. I’m not to late, misslawn


  163. Voting for Lanie cause she said if i vote for her she’s spitting the prize with me!

  164. Hahaha I love it. My vote goes to Jess!

  165. i vote for my auntie jess!!

    i miss you!! (LJ)

  166. “i vote for ABI aka dowaditty!!!”…GO ABI! GO ABI! GOOOOO ABI!

  167. Jess all the way!! =)

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