aaaaand the winner is…

i cannot stop cracking up at all these comments.   forreal!!!   basically, this was a battle of the cities.. SF vs LA vs NY.  so who won????

drumroll pleasee……

belLAwn! with 65 votes!!!  i guess her zoolander face did the trick… 

honorable mention goes out to:
jcullenblack for gettin her MOM to vote
me for gettin my BOSS to vote
and doowaditty  for gettin her MOM and her BOSS to vote. =)

God, that was definitely the MOST fun i’ve had on a friday at work in a long time. lol. thanks gals for participating and to everyone who voted for us! now,time to put my money where my mouf is… lawn, where do i send my cash? unless u just want some hawaii pasalubong?!!!  


cash money

One response to “aaaaand the winner is…

  1. I agree, you guys made my workday a fun one. All hail LA!!! Congrats, misslawn!!!

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