Eye Candy: Edward vs. The Cullen House

Lord knows I love me some Edward Cullen… that hair, those golden eyes, and that voice, oooohh yeah that voice… he had me  at “hello” (although it does irritate me every time I hear him say “hello” during biology class, is it just me or did his voice crack?). Ok but anyways, other than my boo, Eddie… another thing that I absolutely loved in the movie was the Cullen House!!! My real life boo (my husband of course) and I are big furniture and architecture buffs so the Cullen House was the only thing about the movie that both of us were able to drool over.

So I was super hyped when I came across Design Tavern and saw that some students toured the Cullen House, aka The Hoke House and shared some pics taken from that day.

The Hoke House is by architect Jeff Kovel via Skylab Architecture it’s 4300 squares, built my Metcalf Construction, with Lucy Metcalf as the interior designer and landscaper.


Edward Cullen: “What did you expect? Coffins, and dungeons and moats?”
Bella: “Um..not the moats.”




urrgghh, what I wouldn’t give to be Bella in this scene… lucky biyaatch!!


3 responses to “Eye Candy: Edward vs. The Cullen House

  1. AAAAHHHH OMGOMGOMGOMG – can we take a field trip??? i seriously just got goodbumps

  2. jcullenblack got GOODbumps. hahaha! HAHAHA!

  3. oh my gosh how fuckin nice… i havent seen the movie yet.. but i totally wasnt imaging THAT!!

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