plain jane

Rumor has it that Dakota Fanning was offered the role of Jane, a member of the Volturi, in New Moon..

i dunno what to think about this. i havent decided if like Fanning, and i definitely dont like Jane’s character anywways.   i dunno. i just dunno.

btw, if you havent seen this interview w/ R-Pat and you want to hear him swear, talk about sex, death, and begging for the part….  click here.


3 responses to “plain jane

  1. wowza really??? i guess she would be an almost perfect fit for the part – although dakota really kinda annoys me bc all she really does in her roles is scream and cry hahaha

  2. call me crazy but i think dakota would be perfect!!! i actually can’t imagine anybody else playing the role of jane… team dakota!!!

  3. Dakota would be perfect! yeah i hate janes character as well.

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