he’s stalking me at work..

or at least thats what i’d like to think. 

i received an admission this morning for a patient with the name EDWARD ALLEN CULLEN.   (for those of you who are twi-hard, u already know that Edward’s middle name is Anthony) but still my heart skipped a beat and i got hella excited.    Checked the birthdate (wasn’t June 20), but i still fought the urge to sneak downstairs and take a gander at a man who shares the same name with the best vampire everr…

god, i would SO get fired if someone from work was reading this.   Anyways..

can i just say that i am also really excited to see what New Moon the movie is gonna look like.  I think the change in directors is a step in the right direction and i really hope they up the ante in the special effects department. also i’d like to see edward shirtless as much as i know i’m gonna see jacob shirtless.   can we make it happen?  can we start a peitition or something??   

p.s.  i’ve been trying to read Stephanie Meyer’s other book, The Host, but since its not about vampires (its about ghosts.. or something), i cant seem to get into it.  Twilight has ruined my life, along with my ability to read just any book.


2 responses to “he’s stalking me at work..

  1. What the forks foreal! This blog is too hilarious and makes me feel better that there are other people just as obsessive. Shit, I’m in love with Edward Cullen..lol. Stephanie Meyer should keep adding to the Twilight saga!

  2. i have the host too… i read a couple of pages and couldn’t get into it either but my friend Jenn told me that after you read a couple of chapters it gets good.

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