Twilight: Bunny Style

The funny thing about being a Twilight fanatic is how people who know you love it send you the funniest and often times the most random Twilight links. I was just sent the link to’s Bunnies, where they have various movies in 30 seconds re-enacted by animated bunnies… Brilliant!!! 

There wasn’t a code to embed the video on our site… (waaacck) so to check out Twilight in 30 seconds click here… Enjoy!!!


Why do you hate me?


Your hand is so cold!


Say it!!

4 responses to “Twilight: Bunny Style

  1. I WOULD be up late getting my twilight fix! OMG that shit is hilarious! My favorite is the corny “are you scared” meadow scene.

  2. high-freakin-larious! ii am SO getting in trouble for watching this at work, but whatev. ask me if i care anymore. lol.

  3. OMG! this is the best!

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