Being Jacob Black

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t already read New Moon or Breaking Dawn DO NOT continue reading until after you do… so hurry yo ass up !


I don’t know ’bout you but I LOVED reading Jacob’s perspective in Breaking Dawn cuz he is HI-LAR-I-OUS!!! But no matter how much Jacob made me laugh or how bad I felt for the guy I was Team Edward all the way. I didn’t know why until I really thought about it… I came to the conclusion that I was super bias in favor of the vampires. I mean… I’d be a vampire over a werewolf any day! Right?!!!

Soooooo, that being said… I was super hyped when I found out there was a New Moon short story that Stephenie Meyer  wrote in Jacob’s perspective. According to her blog, Stephanie:

…noticed a disturbing trend various places on-line—people are ascribing the most nefarious motives to Jacob Black, insisting he has some kind of dark agenda. Some of this is due, in my opinion, to a heavy general bias in favor of vampires over werewolves. But some of it must be my fault. Apparently Jacob’s intentions are not as clear to the reader as they are to me. Now, I’m not up for writing all of New Moon from Jacob’s perspective (I’m dizzy at the thought), but I did want to let people look through his eyes for a bit, were they so inclined. (It was supposed to be much shorter than this but you know me.)

Click  here for your chance to walk in Jacob’s shoes and see if you’ve crossed over from Team Edward to Team Jacob.



3 responses to “Being Jacob Black

  1. omg u know i was fwd this n ive been reading it at work in the absence of aiming cuz really, i have nothing better to do… u beat me to blog it… i hate working for the man!

  2. new mayor of forks – wth man, get back on! anyway, i’m SO reading this tonight.

  3. haha i am soooo TEAM JACOB! before i even read this. never thought he was the bad guy, always thought he was the good guy with the short end of the deal. i think its because i prefer rough lumber jack lookin dudes to pretty polished ones. and both of them were just such uber sweet guys to Bella anyway, in their own ways.

    **side note. i too am at work blogging instead of working (haha) and i just came out of a meeting with a man that has the same color eyes as the Cullens. Gold/Yellow whatever u want to call it. soon as i sat in the meeting i saw his eyes and i couldnt stop staring. i could tell i was creeping him out. crazy right!! but i quickly depicted that there was no way he was a Cullen since he was so tan and blushed so easily as i gazed haha lol 😛

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