fill in the blank

I was talking with my hayati today, and was reminded about a comment she made to me a few months back.   Let’s fill in the blank shall we?

You know you’re obsessed with Twilight when ______________________________

  • you keep the window open at night so Edward can get in
  • you look inside every silver Volvo you spot to see if Edward’s driving
  • your love life is forever ruined because no one can come close
  • you throw glitter on your husband (guilty)
  • you can have an entire conversation about fictional characters, referring to them by first name as if they’re your homies you kicked it with over the weekend
  • you secretly start to hate Bella cuz you totally wanna homewreck even though you know its never gonna happen

..your turn!


4 responses to “fill in the blank

  1. – You ask your husband who’s sick with the flu & has no color in his face to bite you. (guilty)

    – You have a photoshop’d picture of you with Edward Cullen. (guilty)

    – You’re wearing a crystal heart necklace swearing as if it was given to you by no other than Edward Cullen. (guilty)

    – You’ve read all the books, including Midnight Sun more than once. (guilty)

    – To top it all off… You start your own Twilight blog, hahahaha (guilty)

  2. when you start walking around like a badass because you really think you’re a vampire!!!


    – you have a team edward shirt that you wear every night to bed.. (guilty)

    – you ask your boyfriend, “so… why can’t you carry me on your back again? because what?” (guilty)

    – you want to move to LA just so you can stalk R-Pat (secretly guilty)

  4. -when your facebook status is continuesly everything and anything about edward cullen and/or the Twilight series. (guilty)

    -you were never before an active reader, mostly just Okay/US Weekly/Life & Style magazines and then all of a sudden you buy a book light. Excittedly using each night, b/c ecullen just pops out of the book. (guilty)

    -when you teach your 13 month year old son, “What does a vampire do/say?” Instead of what does a Cow say?” “Moo Moo” (guilty)

    -you visit whattheforks more than once a day (guilty-guilty)

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