still not convinced

but i DO like his abs..

According to Access Hollywood per Perez Hilton (can u tell celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure?) Taylor Lautner has gained 26 pounds of muscle to play Jacob Black in the upcoming New Moon Movie.

I still hold a burning candle for Michael Copon… but Taylor’s definitely putting in a lot of hard work to prove himself. Check the video and his new 6 pack here..

(p.s. i tried inserting this video to this post, but i’m freakin wordpress illiterate and it wont work for me.  i know.. i’m fired.)

[clearspring_widget title=”Access Hollywood Embeddable Video” wid=”482a0d55893fbe3f” pid=”496b87151c8c9582″ width=”400″ height=”400″ domain=””]


4 responses to “still not convinced

  1. the link worked perfectly fine 🙂

    they’re gonna have to work some benjamin button magic to get him to be the jacob we know for new moon… he have gotten buffer but he’s still short as fuck!

  2. it just feels WRONG to see taylor in this way… he looks like he’s 10 years old!!! GAH! what to do??? lol

  3. He is all wrong, he looks like a baby with muscles, lol.

  4. i like his new muscles!

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