THIS bitch.

SPOILER ALERT: if you havent read Midnight Sun, pah-lease stop reading this post. i promise it’ll still be here after you’re done. its only 11 chapters!

as for the rest of you………

i dunno WHAT is going on with me right now… but can i just drink a little haterade? I’m re-reading Midnigh Sun for the umpteenth time, and Jessica Stanley is getting on my gadamn nerves.

In Twilight, I thought Jessica was one of Bella’s friends. She was nice enough, invited Bella out, etc etc. But in Midnight Sun, we got to hear the details of this female’s psyche.. and BOY WERE WE WRONG.

..Of course she’s already crushing on the Cullens…Fat lot of good it will do her…She’s really not even pretty. I dont know why Eric is staring so much. .. or Mike.

Wow. wowwww. wowww. aint that just like an insecure girl to cut the new girl to pieces? Even Edward noticed how good she was at being decietful tho.. “Jessica seemed to be skilled at feigning friendship” – p.32

how irritating. i’ve come accross too many girls like this in my lifetime. girls with ulterior motives, who’s fake smile looks genuine, and who’s lies sound like truths…. they pick apart things u say and twist it around so you always look like the bad guy..

“[Bella said]” I like the blue one better, it brings out your eyes.” Jessica smiled at Bella with false warmth, while eyeing her suspiciously. Does she really think that? Or does she really want me to look like a cow on Saturday?”

GAH. I’m so irritated I cant even re-read Midnigh Sun in peace. wah! ok. rant over. Get over yourself, and go find the Volturi, Jessica Stanley.

2 responses to “THIS bitch.

  1. HAHAHHAHAHAAHHA – yes!!!! she is SUCH a hater!!! edward was SO glad she had stopped fantasizing about him – poor guy! oooh my poor poor edward LMAO

  2. urgghh… i can’t stand her either!!!

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