t’why-i-like Twilight #1

Here’s a new section for everyone to post why YOU like Twilight =)

I think I can safely assume that many of us, whether girl or boy (or in our case, grown WOMEN), can attest to having flashbacks of our adolescence as we watched/read the Twilight. Don’t lie!

We all know we had that ONE guy/girl we thought was WAY too good(looking) for us. But when they glanced over your way, your heart beat so hard that it drowned out all sound with each thump OR that you thought it would pop right out of your chest! OHHH but when they KNEW your name, NOTHING could explain that feeling of desire…. AND THEN! When they actually invite you to have lunch with them??? O-M-G you wished EVERYONE at school could see that moment!

Am I right or am I right?? =)

Well, that’s ONE of many reasons why I heart Twilight… it makes me giddy just thinking about it!

OH, he can stare at me all day everyday like this… yes please, I’ll have two thanks.


3 responses to “t’why-i-like Twilight #1

  1. im thinking we should start a t-why-i-like-twilight section…. this shall be item #1…

    and i gives a fuck ill give bella a sideways look anyday.. psh.

  2. yes we should make this a section!!! we’re on it!!!

  3. I heart Twilight, because it totally reminds me of those good old middle/high school feelings; when you like that certain guy. My favorite part is when e asks b to sit down for lunch with him, hehehehe ;o)

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