Team Edward.. again!

allow me to introduce myself…
Rachem = captain of team edward, jacob, EDWARD.

now, some of you may be calling me blasphemous for switching sides twice, but give me a chance to explain myself..

after reading the entire Twilight saga in under 2 weeks and seeing the midnight showing of the movie on opening day, I, along with the rest of the world, longed for edward in ways that are technically deemed illegal, seeing that he’s supposed to be “17”.  R-Pat played SUCH a good role, that i fell in love and immediately scolded my husband for not being cold, dead, or sparkly. (i tried fixing that last one but let me just say, that no man who likes women should ever wear glitter. ever.)

it was amazing for me to watch the characters i love come to life in the movie.  for those of you who saw it, you also know that Taylor Lautner was the actor who played Jacob Black.  in all honesty, i didnt really care WHO played jacob cuz frankly, he didnt hold a candle to my edward.   however, i wondered how he would work out portraying jacob in the upcoming films, as he is quite small and innocent looking for the “changed” jacob.  imagine my surprise when i found out they were thinking about replacing taylor with Michael Copon.

(let me just give you a minute to check out his myspace pictures and change your panties)

Michael (a.k.a. my new baby daddy)  made me jump the edward ship and hail team jacob to my death.  seriously, he’s gorgeous, and filipino, and 26. he’s like, “exactly my brand of heroin.”   and i KNOW that the characters arent real and its just a book and all that jazz, but take another look at him and tell me you dont want him to imprint on your ass…   thats what i thought.

yesterday my hayati abi texts me the worst news ever..  so i get on my computer to confirm, and i’m reading my celebrity gossip on perez, and one of the stories stops me dead in my tracks. “TAYLOR LAUTNER TO RETURN AS  JACOB  IN NEW MOON“…  in the same instant, my heart broke and i was wah-ing all the way home.   i then begged edward to take me back and forgive me for being selfish and shallow. 

so i’m back on team edward, and that is where i shall stay till i die err, he bites me. but i am still so genuinely upset about this whole jacob black ordeal….  but you tell me, which one of em did you like?

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner

Michael Copon

Michael Copon


8 responses to “Team Edward.. again!

  1. hahaha… i love this post rach’!!! i’ve always been team edward but MC does look like the perfect jacob in that pic…


  3. o wow michael copon would be perrrrfect

  4. i think that michael copon would actually make a great sam. right? he’s looks a tad bit more mature looking to be playing jacob.

  5. yeah… if not jacob, then definitely sam!

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  7. I’m in lust with Taylor Lautner, sorry! lol. He’s actually from the same town I am… Which makes me sad I didn’t know him before he got famous:(
    Should it matter that Im 3 years older than him?.. didn’t think so!

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